Aerial Capture Systems by DataLab

Digital elevation models

Digital Elevation Models (also known as MDE or DEM) respond to cartographic files that identify the territorial surface using elevation data.

The combination of drones, software and GPS / RTK equipment allows us to obtain high-resolution georeferenced aerial images, orthophotos and MDEs with the process. It consists of a series of points with known coordinates referenced to a two-dimensional coordinate system to which an elevation value is associated.

Features of digital elevation models

  •     Resolution from 2cm / pixels to 2m / pixels
  •     Surfaces of up to 100 hectares per flight
  •     Fast delivery
  •     3D modeling
  •     Delivers in any standard format (geotiff, png)

Cost reduction

Hundreds of hectares can be mapped in a single flight and results can be obtained in record time

Centimetric Accuracy

Through the use of control points, absolute precision of a few centimetres is achieved

More information

Information is obtained from the entire work area, not only from specific parts, even places that are difficult to access

Receive the data obtained by digital transfer or access the platform and get advanced results without added costs


Use our high-precision tools to measure distances, areas, volumes and profiles of the generated model.

You will be able to control and follow the earthworks easily and make all kinds of annotations.

Our measurements use millions of points that guarantee very accurate results.

Digital models

Generate digital models (mdt and mds) directly from the Aerial Insights platform.

Generate contour lines, slope map, elevation map or riverbed

Export orthophotos, 3d reconstructions, terrain models, and work with them in your preferred CAD software.

Download high precision point clouds (.las, .laz, .xyz, etc) and work with the software of your choice


Get orthophotos, 3d reconstructions, terrain models, and work with them in your preferred CAD software.

Simplify reporting through our annotation tool.

Make all kinds of notes in the areas where necessary and share them with your workers and collaborators.

Export the results

Export the generated models and work with them in your favourite GIS software.

Instantly calculate estimates with more accurate measurements than traditional methods.

Compare different layers over time and analyze the evolution of the works.